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I've devised a classification system for the characters. It's creation happened because I already one Elisabeth du Bois (The younger and nominal main character), but another Elisabeth du Bois existed (The elder and grandmother of the younger). Elisabeth the Elder is referred to under the tag of Elisabeth of Segra. But since Elisabeth is a popular name in this world and I'm pretty sure there will be another Elisabeth du Bois, I had to come up with a way of classifying each character.

I already classify my character by their generation( Elisabeth of Segra is Generation A and Elisabeth du Bois is Generation C, thus her parents become Generation B) so it was halfway done for me.

For example if you look at [community profile] vi_rose/[ profile] vi_rose you will see a (class) tag. So far there are

(class) a1
(class) b1
(class) c1

a1 refers to Elisabeth of Generation A the First. But the a1 could also refer to a person with a different name, but higher ranking in the story than someone else with the same name.

b1 refers to Henri of Generation B the First. Henri is important to the story as he's the main characters father and well he's the king. b1 also could refer to one of Henri's wives. The wives may have been named for someone else, but they are classified by their importance to the story.

c1 refers to Elisabeth of Generation C the First. Elisabeth starts out as the main character and most of the stories are from her point of view or feature her in someway. Thus she gets classified as the first Elisabeth of Generation. c1 could also refer to Henri II. Also known as Henri du Bois, he's the most important Henri of Generation C.
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