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I've devised a classification system for the characters. It's creation happened because I already one Elisabeth du Bois (The younger and nominal main character), but another Elisabeth du Bois existed (The elder and grandmother of the younger). Elisabeth the Elder is referred to under the tag of Elisabeth of Segra. But since Elisabeth is a popular name in this world and I'm pretty sure there will be another Elisabeth du Bois, I had to come up with a way of classifying each character.

I already classify my character by their generation( Elisabeth of Segra is Generation A and Elisabeth du Bois is Generation C, thus her parents become Generation B) so it was halfway done for me.

For example if you look at [community profile] vi_rose/[ profile] vi_rose you will see a (class) tag. So far there are

(class) a1
(class) b1
(class) c1

a1 refers to Elisabeth of Generation A the First. But the a1 could also refer to a person with a different name, but higher ranking in the story than someone else with the same name.

b1 refers to Henri of Generation B the First. Henri is important to the story as he's the main characters father and well he's the king. b1 also could refer to one of Henri's wives. The wives may have been named for someone else, but they are classified by their importance to the story.

c1 refers to Elisabeth of Generation C the First. Elisabeth starts out as the main character and most of the stories are from her point of view or feature her in someway. Thus she gets classified as the first Elisabeth of Generation. c1 could also refer to Henri II. Also known as Henri du Bois, he's the most important Henri of Generation C.
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Notice!: This index is being worked on. Currently links lead to both versions of the vi_rose journal. I will add subsequent links sometime in November. This may take awhile, but either way both journals are represented in some form here.

Character Centric Arcs Arcs/Sub-arcs/Mini-arcs Summary/About Links to Stories (DW/LJ)
Anna Everart The Secret Life of Lady Anna Everart This arc follows the life of the younger daughter of the most powerful duke in Monde. Young Anna grows up in the glittering court of Rene III of Iberte. Here she grows up from the often teased gangly preteen into the sophisticated, seductive, and charming young woman that enchants the King of Monde. Vision in White/
Anna and the King/
Amongst the Flowers/
The Queen's Snub/
Sudisport Beach/
Rumors in the Court/
Letters Between Sisters/
Don't Worry/
Your True Queen/
A Taste of What Lies Ahead/
I'll Have You Now/
Anna of the a Thousand Days This arc charts Anna's growth from the most beloved of the King to his exalted Queen and enemy of the common people and the nobility as well. In this arc Anna becomes a mother, but she experiences the pain that comes along with this role. Niceties/
Keep An Eye Out/
Between Mother and Daughter/
Little Elisabeth/
Mother and Daughter/
Mother's Stories/
Here Our Prayers/
Elisabeth du Bois The Young Elisabeth This arc charts the growth of Henri and Anna's eldest daughter, Elisabeth. Elisabeth struggles to live up to her father's grand plans for her and to reconcile herself with her mother's absence. Her Glory/
A Stormy Night/
Across the Stars/
Drinking Age/
In the Dark of the Night/
Sir Knight/
Bessi vs. Emeri/

Take Care/
Your Duty/
Marie Everart Mistress Marie This arc follows the elder daughter of the Duke of Cadomiselle from the time she is thirteen in 1105 from her time in the Ibertian and Mondian Courts and focuses on her being a mistress to two powerful monarchs. Lost in the City/
A Simple Game/
The Execution of Lord Stillnaw/
Be Okay/

To Delis/
Therese Segovia The Queen of Hearts The Infanta Theresa leaves her homeland and travels to the grand country of Monde where she will marry the Prince of Norme and eventually become Queen. This arc follows her life from her departure from Ibonia to arriving in Monde and meeting her charming future husband to becoming the mother of the royal children, her ascension as Queen Consort and her life as Queen.

Pairing Centric Arcs Arcs/Sub-Arcs Summary/About Links to Stories (DW/LJ)
Henri du Bois/Anna Everart Summer of Love '19 This arc takes place over the Summer of 1119. Henri and Anna and the court return to the harbor of town of Sudisport. Henri is hopeful that the Amende will be passed and thus he can marry Anna. Summer of Love '19/
In Due Time/
Adverse to Change/
All You Have to Do/
Heat Wave/
Anna Reina/
Return to Sudisport/
Welcome to La Cabine de Roi/
Blancer River/
On the Road/
Riots in Ville Blanc/
The Swan Queen/
King of Hearts/
Canillian Ice/
Marchioness of the Stars/
Appopriate Dressing/
Almost There/
Keep You to Myself/
Hot in the City/
Welcome to Sudisport/
Waiting on the Tide/
Under the Sea/
Sudisport Harbor/
Boys of Summer/
Jubilate People/
That Ibonian Blood/
Marie-Therese du Bois/Jehann d'Ambry More Than Friends This arc charts the relationship between the Madame Royale, Princess Marie-Therese and her relationship with her best friend and future chevalier, Jehann d'Ambry.
Part I/
To Sieur Jehann, With Love/
Friendly Reunion/
Part II/
Part III/
Part IV/
Oh Sieur Gallant Chevalier/
Slip Away/
Fernando Abadesso/Elisabeth du Bois The Honeymoon This arc follows Elisabeth from her leaving her homeland and becoming the wife of the older, though charismatic King of Albabias. Goodbye to You/
A King Meets a Queen/
The Courtship of Princess Elisabeth/
Two Weddings/
Fondness of the Heart/
Meet the Family/
Shaking Things Up/
Ladies and Horses/
The First Winter/
Breaking Down/
Meet Me at Midnight/

General Arcs Arcs/Sub-arcs/Mini-arcs Summary/About Links to Stories (DW/LJ)
Country Specific War with Ibonia (Albabian/Ibonian War 1140-1141) This arc charts the beginning of war between the nations of Albabias and Ibonia along with the pregnancy and birth of Elisabeth's second child. My Dearest Elisa Part I/
My Dearest Elisa Part II/
Baby Talk/
Coming Home/
Aborted Attempts/
I've Missed You/
Early Morning/
Martial Discord/
Madame Abadesso


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